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good evening, americans. welcome to "the ed show" live from new york. it's 5:00 eastern. let's get to work. >> one of the missions i had when i came to msnbc was that president obama had just been elected. i wanted to do health care. >> here in america, in the wealthiest nation on earth, no illness or accident should lead to any family's financial ruin. >> you need to pay attention to what's happening in your backyard. >> defund obama care. >> defund obama care sue repeal obama care. ♪
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♪ i want it now, i want it all >> i wanted to do health care because i knew it could change the country and i knew it could help people. >> we see this coming. just like the tie tannic. >> on the ship we're going to die. >> are you saying that society should let him die? >> no. >> there are 47% of the people who will vote for the president no matter what. all right? there are 47% who are with him who are -- who believe that they are victims. >> that's who the republicans are. we shouldn't be talking about infrastructure investment, investment in education, investment in workers and going round two on health care. >> i want to repeal the law of the land. is that clear. >> we will not back down from that fight. >> i've been very proud to do that. ♪
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>> let's go. let's hit the road. >> good to have you with us tonight, folks. here we are, back on weeknights. have i seen this studio before? it must be a different zip code. whatever. it is great to be here monday through friday, 5:00 eastern time. let employee give you the ed guarantee when we start this thing back up again monday through friday. this show is not going to change. i'm still ed. i'm still going after the stories that affect the miltsds class and everyday americans. issues that make a difference to families and issues that affect your life. issues like protecting the middle class. workers' rights, equal rights, civil rights, health care. income inequality, women's rights and any other story that makes you right to the dinner table every night. i want you to join me every night 5:00 eastern time. so tonight, i thought i would start with the health care. and i want all of you to know
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that i've been doing everything i possibly can to keep my blood pressure down this summer. you know what i mean? oh, look that the. this was a heck of a fish. son of a gun. now, while i was keeping my blood pressure down worrying about health care and doing stuff like this, the republicans they have spent their summer running around the country at town halls lying about obama care. i'm not going to let them off the hook. i've spent my summer doing this. they've spent their summer lying. you know what is so vitally important about what we have to understand about obama care is that this will change the country. i see these talking heads over on the right they say how is that hope and change working out for you? well, let me tell you something, one you're from right now when all the positive stories are floating around about what obama care has done for people, they're going to be saying i really wasn't against it. it's hugely important for obama
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care to be implemented so it will affect the low number, 30 million americans. they can receive life-saving health care they so desperately need. make no mistake. obama care saves lives and it is good for america. you know, so much of what we see in the news is negative. but you know what? it's not negative. this is the most positive thing that this country has done since the civil rights legislation that was passed back in the '60s. of course, we know they're trying to go after that, too. however, republicans don't agree. the republican party is hell bent on election and taking away your health care. they will say anything and do anything to get it done. >> let's repeal this failure before it literally kills women, kills children, kills senior citizens. let's not do that.
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let's love people. >> increasing costs, less access, lower quality, less innovation, limiting your choices, madam speaker, that's a life-threatening and terminal diagnosis. >> it is a mag little nant tumor more met tas ta sio sizing on american liberty. >> i am here from the middle of the country here to the big apple to tell you that that is bull manure. michele bachmann and john boehn boehner's doing nothing house have voted 40 times to repeal obama care. it's 40 negative stories. that's what they want. republicans are on a full assault to abolish the affordable health care act and will say and do whatever they have to make it happen. some republicans are willing to shut down the government. we've been talking about that all summer, even if it means blowing up the economy in the process. the leader of this fringe movement, well, there he is.
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canadian-born senator from texas, ted cruz. >> the continuing resolution that funds congress expires september 30 p this i've publicly stated that i will not vote for any continuing resolution that funds even a single penny of obama care. >> for someone who was born north of the border, cruz should know the benefits of universal health care. he doesn't get it. he doesn't get any of this. on sunday, he goes on and says, repealing obama care would help? would help his hispanics and african-americans? >> it's not working and it's hurting americans. and by the way, the people it's hurting the most are the most vulnerable among us is, the people losing their jobs are young people, are hispanics or african-americans or single moms. i don't think that's fair. i don't think that's right. >> we've had 41, 42 months of private sector job growth. obama care hasn't cost any jobs. it hasn't hurt our economy. it is saving lives.
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okay. i have been asked to go over to oxford university at the oxford debating society on october 22nd. imagine that. the regular guy going to talk to all the smart folks. now, what am i supposed to do, go over and say we actually have politicians that go out and tell the truth about obama care? i have to go over there overseas and say that will republicans are lying to their constituents when it comes to benchmark legislation that could favorably change this country. because this is only a start. now, i've heard a lot of lies come interest republicans this summer but that one takes the cake. obama care is not going to be hurting hispanics and african-americans. the numbers are. 1.4 million young african-americans and an will tinos can now stay with their parents' insurance till they're 26 years old. i'll tell you more about that in a moment. overall, 17 million
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african-americans and latinos will be able to get coverage through obama care. that is is progress. that's hope. that is real change. now, president obama is pretty much fed up with these jokers on the right especially cruz and his dangerous attempts to repeal obama care. the president had no problem calling out republicans on their reckless threats to shut down the government. >> most recently, there's been threats that we would shut down the government unless we agreed to roll back the health care reform that's about to provide millions of americans with health care coverage for the first time. and that's not an economic plan. that's not going to grow the economy. that's not going to strengthen the middle class and not going to create ladders of opportunity into the middle class. what we need to do is focus on the pocketbook bread and butter issues that affect all of you. >> president obama is spot on. taking away your health care by shutting down the united states government simply is not an economic plan. holding america hostage is not a
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plan. it's immoral. it's dangerous and canadian senator ted cruz who happens to now reside in texas needs to stop making threats and just do your job, dude. what is your plan for health carele? meanwhile cruz has a partner in crime. enter heritage foundation president and former senator jim demint from south carolina. he's on this nine-city bus tour with cruz, the pair are traveling around the country on a crusade against obama care. it's a dysfunctional bus tour, a joke. they're lying their message is distorted. jim demint is so far off rails. he says that president obama might repeal his own signature legislation? >> senator demint, what's the point of voting to defund obama care when eknow president obama won't sign it. >> we don't know that, do we. >> we really don't know that, do we. right. >> jim can waterloo demint is living on the moon. president obama will not be repealing his own obama care.
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to be fair, demint has put really one real good idea on the table if you're a republican. for the first time ever, a republican has come up with a replacement plan for obama care. jim demint is pushing the falsehood that uninsured americans will "get better health care"? is just going over to the emergency room. we all know that is a lie. it is going to move health care costs up. and it's going to put american lives at risk. now, this summer, we've heard a lot of lies. here's what you need to know about obama care and nothing more to simplify all of this. the lynchpin in this is that the republicans want to give the power to the insurance companies. they want the insurance companies to control your life. they want the insurance companies to send you those letters and pick up the phone and call you and deny you because you might be sick.
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think about that. this is who the republicans want to give the power to. president obama wants to give the power to you. the consumer. the sick consumer who will never be denied. you can hear everything you want about losing jobs, about what kind of care you're going to getting and how long the lines are going to be. and the lot. here's all you need to know. is it when he these real live stores come home to roost to these guys a year from now, they'll realize how much trouble they're in in the midterms. how will republicans run against a popular program that they have been so vehemently against? that they have lied about and the public's going to know about it. you see, there are people out there right now that it's helping. dan sico, i said 26 years old. right? what happens when you're 27? well, when you're 27, you're on your own. if it's the republican plan, you're at the mercy of the
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insurance companies. but if you've got obama care which this gentleman is going to have very soon, he's going to get coverage and not going to go bankrupt and not get that letter from the insurance company. this is hope, this is change in america and the republicans are against it. a freelance journalist 27 years old currently in remission, nonhodgkin's lymphoma, it's getting turned around for him. but of course, he's had to have fund-raisers. he's had to get friends to help him out. he's looked for donations. but you know what? when obama care kicks in, he's going to be able to walk in the door and not be turned around by an insurance agent who says we've got nothing for you. that's all you need to know about obama care. it trumps everything else the republicans are talking about because this is life-changing. let me bringing in dan himself. let me introduce you to this gentleman. dan? >> how you doing, ed? >> it's good do see you.
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you're a good guy. >> thank you. >> you're alive. and obama care is going to help you. >> absolutely. >> what do you want america to know? >> well, i mean, it's not fair for people to have to live with something like cancer or diabetes and not get the treatment they need just because they can't get insurance. or if you know, they want to pay out of pocket, go into debt millions of dollars. you know, for me, i'm lucky. i've had friends and family to help me raise money and get through what i've had to deal with over the past seven months. there are people less fortunate than myself because of health care or lack thereof, their lives are pretty treacherous. >> what do you say to the people like jim demint who says you could just go to the emergency room and get better care. >> and wait 16 hours before you get helped by a doctor and maybe it's not the type of doctor you need to see. >> probably not the best way to approach that. >> so you have been living the help of your friends. >> absolutely. >> donations, fund-raisers.
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that's got to be a lot of roesch. >> yeah, absolutely. i mean, friends, be family, my mom, my brother, they've all stepped up. >> so now with obama care kicking in, what are you going to be able to do? >> i'm going to be able to get health insurance with my pre-existing condition. >> and is that a life-changer for you? >> oh, absolutely. without question. >> it takes the pressure off? >> takes the pressure off me and everyone else. it gives me a second chance at life. i get the health care that i need to get better. >> so an insurance company can't come in and tell this gentleman it's over. how does it make you feel when you hear republicans say all they want to do is repeal what arguably is a basic right that you have? >> i say walk a mile in the shoes of a million other people. unless you've gone through it, you don't know what's at stake. >> what do you say to other cancer patients? what do you say to other folks that have got illnesses such as yourself with obama care coming
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on? this is a game-changer. >> absolutely. i mean, right now just have a good attitude and hope for the best. >> what's been the hardest thing through this journey? >> the fear of the unknown. you can feel great one day. the next day maybe not. you don't know what's going do happen. luckily i've had the support and the access to doctors that have made the difference. >> what's your future? you're a freelance journalist. do you want to continue on with your career? >> i hope so. i enjoy writing. it's a passion of mine. i think being able to not have to worry about getting a job just for the insurance is really -- that's important for a lot of people and myself. specifically. i want your innards here. what does your blood boil when you hear lawmakers say we they'd to take that pre-existing condition away? because they haven't offered to replace it with anything else i mean, how does that make you feel as an american? >> it's very easy for them to say it's no big deal. what if you didn't have that
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title? what if you didn't have that salary? what if your son or daughter was sick? maybe it would be different. >> dan, good luck to you. >> thank you. >> god bless you. keep going, my man. >> he's got a fighting chance now. so when any republican or rightie says how is that hope and change, woulding out for you, think about dan seco. think about his future. think about how he's going to have insurance and he's going to have a fighting chance at life again. get your cell phones out. tonight's question, will republicans ever have the character to admit obama care saves lives? text a for "yes," b for no to 6767 6 6 67622. we'll bring you the results later on in the show. let's talk finances now. coming up, cal governor jerry brown turns around the terminator's destructive budget deficit. i'll talking with senator barbara boxer and conservative
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columnist george will has a new scapegoat for conservative policy failures. our rapid response panel will take on that claim late. "hardball" is on at 7:00 tonight. monday through friday. chris matthews 7:00 "hardball" coming up right after politics nation with reverend al sharpton. stay tuned. "the ed show" is back at 5:00 monday through friday.
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show." time now for you the ed show social media nation has decided that we are reporting. here are today's top trenders is voted on by you. >> i have a dream that we shall overcome. >> our number three trender. ashon advances the dream. >> i am marching for education, justice and freedom. >> stand tall in your community. fight for diversity. understand its strength. >> every child deserves a great education. >> and make sure that every school is resourced.
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>> every school deserves equal funding and resources. >> believe in yourself and fight for what you believe in. you're never too young or old to do something. >> i encourage all of you to keep dr. martin luther king jr.'s dream alive. >> i have a dream today. >> the number two trender. let's get the twerk. miley's vma performance blurred the lines. ♪ >> while katie perry roared her support for obama care. and got a shoutout from president obama. >> my tweet has been posted. that's what i'm talking about. >> and this week's top trender. golden state ♪ california here we come >> california is golden again. >> remarkable turn around in the nation's most populace state. >> after terminator's economy tanked. >> california is in a state of emergency. >> the economic conditions have been deteriorating rapidly.
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the $42 billion deficit is a rock upon our chest. has tas la vista, baby. >> governor jerry brown has turned california's budget around. he faced a $26 billion deficit. california voters had actually agreed to tax themselves. >> the state is on track to post a surplus this year. >> for the next four years, we're talking about a balanced budget. >> that's gold, jerry. gold ♪ california soul >> let me tell you, folks, that's not california dreaming. that's the real deal. with us tonight is the senator barbara boxer, a california senator. great to have you back with us here on the ed show". i appreciate your time. thank you. >> well, great that you're back. i mean, this was crazy and now i'm glad the world is right again. you're back. >> thank you. >> well, it is such a positive story. how often do we see such a drastic economic turn around. your thoughts on what has happened to the seventh largest
2:22 pm
economy in the world when the wealthiest residents pay their fair share. >> well, it's very clear, jerry brown had a vision. he shared it with the people when he ran. as did president obama. the difference is that jerry has a very strong legislature, democrats run the place. they run all three branches. with strong majorities. and we know because we look back when bill clinton was the president working with us, we got that budget balanced. i think the biggest mith out there, ed, is that democrats don't know how to balance bugs when he we're the ones who do because we do ask everyone to pay their fair share and we are tough on spending that doesn't make sense and jerry has done outstanding job and so has the legislature. >> so this whole theory about you can't raise taxes on the job creators, we heard it with the bush tax cuts. is the democrats went along. the first two years extended them. then they expired.
2:23 pm
we're still adding jobs in our economy in the private sector since the bush tax cuts expired. what does that model and the model of california really tell this country about income inequality and people paying their fair share in a growing economy? >> well, there's one word we always have to focus on. that's fairness, ed. everyone has to do their part. and clearly, i mean, i've spoken to people in california who earn a lot. who were very anxious to help the country and help their state. and i think here in california, we've proven the point. you know, a rising tide lifts all boats. there's no question about it. everybody doing their part, the workers certainly have gotten more productive than ever. and by the way, i want to tell you something. we need to raise the minimum wage. that will make a huge difference out there. people are struggling. the difference between the very wealthy and the working poor has grown. we raise that minimum wage and we move forward with the vision
2:24 pm
of this president that we have, which is everyone pays their fair share. we make investments where it matters. we're going to be. >> what would you move the minimum wage to. >> it's going to be a great century for us. >> give me a number. >> about $10. about $10. >> now, we have heard. >> i think that would be right. >> we have heard you know, can't raise taxes on job creators. blah, blah, blah. now we're hearing that obama care is going to kill jobs. that this is going to destroy our economy. you have been at home. working in your state. what are californians saying about obama care as we're on the verge of implementing this fully? >> well, people are very excited here. those who know about it, our big deal is we have to get everyone to know about it, but let me tell you, 7 million uninsured californians out of the 48 million nationwide. our obama cair which i was proud to vote for and still am proud that i did that vote is going to cover 30 million people. we're going to take the working
2:25 pm
poor and get them medicaid and the rest will go to the exchanges. most of our people will go to the exchanges. our exchanges are getting ready. we're pouring a lot of effort into it. the state working with the federal government. people who have the choice of gold plans and bronze plans and silver plans and platinum plans and basic catastrophic coverage. >> sure, and i understand premiums expected to drop some 29%. is that an accurate number from what you hear? >> we're doing very well. here's the thing about the republicans. first of all, the way we wrote the bill, it's mandatory spending. all this talk about shutting down the government isn't going to stop the plan from going into place. they've tried to repeal it will 40 times. now, i've bed with five presidents. i've never seen anything like this. president ran on this health care plan. epassed it, the court upheld it. what is it the republicans don't like about it? is the fact that it's helping
2:26 pm
people like dan, your former guest? i met a lot of dans when i was home. the fact we're saying to the insurance companies you have to spend the money on your people, not pocketing it, you have to spend 80% of the premiums you get on the people? >> and senator, don't you think. >> we've got medicare people getting -- >> don't you think republicans are pushing so hard against this because they know the generational effect this is going to have? these positive stories the one that i told tonight, they're going to mount over the year. it's going to be a tough time for them to run against this in the midterm. this is a defining moment in some respects for the republican party on where they line up with people. >> well, listen, they've already chosen their path. and their path is to take benefits that the people are getting. why don't they ask the millions of 26-year-olds, millions who are on their parents' health care, do they want to lose that? why don't they ask people like dan, how does it feel to finally get insurance? i mean, i think that their
2:27 pm
opposition to this president, that's putting it mildly, is so powerful, ed, be they don't care who they hurt. but we're not going to let them get away with it. i think if people who marched in that wonderful march you were at and i watched your reporting on that was so inspiring, if they get to the polls, working people get to the polls, people who understand the health care get to the polls, maybe we can finally stop this attackthon president and his plans because it's not helping america. >> senator barbara boxer, california, great to have you with us on the ed show". thank you so much for joining us. i appreciate it. jon stewart take notice. i said defining moment. come up, governor bobby jindal penned an op-ed calling for the end of race. the rapid response panel joins me on that and more. and many veterans are fighting a losing battle here at home. ohio senator sherrod brown is with us tonight talking about our homeless vets. yes, they exist. we need to do more.
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angie's list -- reviews you can trust. i love you, angie. sorry, honey. welcome back to "the ed show." we love hearing from viewers tonight and our ask ed live segment, our question comes from amy lynn. she says, what do you think about the federal government stepping in to help reorganize detroit? i think it's a hell of an idea. i think they ought to do it. we saved the automobile with a loan the same thing can be done with the city of detroit. i do not like what's happening in detroit as far as all the privatization and the gutting of peep's jobs and public services. i mean, basically what has happened in detroit is that a local election has been said, you know, you really don't count. we're going to put in an emergency manager and forget it. it's over. is that america? i don't think so. i think the federal government
2:31 pm
should write a check to detroit. i think the federal government should do those kinds of things to all municipalities having trouble. why not? it's in our country. and it can get paid back. i believe in workers, i believe that detroit can turn it around. our next question is from anita. why are the gop -- why is the gop talking impeachment when president obama has done nothing wrong because they have nothing else. and they do believe they can ginn up enough fear and enough enthusiasm to get people to believe this is something that actually could happen. they also do want a vote on impeachment in the house so they can get on record that they have impeached the last two democratic presidents and just stick in the minds of the young people of america that you know the democrats you just can't trust them. they've all got to be impeached. i believe this is as much of a generational signature as it is anything else. stick around. rapid response panel is coming up next.
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i'm julia boorstin. the dow dropped 64 points. the s&p 500 losing six points. the nasdaq sliding down 22 points. stocks reversing earlier gains in the last hour of trading to close at near session lows with the dow below the psychologically important 15,000 level. that's it from cnbc, first in business worldwide. right now, 7 years of music is being streamed. a quarter million tweeters are tweeting. and 900 million dollars are changing hands online.
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welcome back to "the ed
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show." you know, i just realized i've been in the business 35 years and i finally have banker's hours. it's not so bad. i'm out of here at the top of the hour. watch chris matthews 7:00, "hardball" coming up tonight and every night. noted feminist and all-around reasonable guy, george will celebrated the 50th anniversary of the marm on washington like any other good consecutive, by completely ignoring destructive republican policies and laying the blame for inequality on single moms. on abc's this week", george will argued single mothers are more dangerous to minority communities than republican-led voter suppression efforts. >> the young social scientist from harvard working empty labor department publish aid report. his name was daniel patrick moynihan. he said there's a crisis in the african-american community because 24% of african-american children are born to unmarried women. today it'saled, 72% and that not an absence of rights is surely
2:36 pm
the biggest impediment. >> what do you say we compound the problem by making sure we don't fund their schools and their neighborhoods? is not the first time george will has blame add single mothers for the failures of conservative policies. >> 79% of detroit children are born to unmarried mothers. they don't have a fiscal problem. they have a cultural collapse. >> joining me is our rapid response panel, author lizz winstead, zir lena maxwell and joan walsh of i'll tell you what, i've think i've heard it all. joan, the conclusions that george will comes to, your reaction. >> i want to congratulate donna brazile for the look on her face and not strangling him. she was very brave there. it's ridiculous. we all know it's ridiculous. first of all, the white community, white people have is the exact same rate of single parenthood today as moynihan talked about in 1965.
2:37 pm
he's not going around talking about the crisis in the white family. second of all, moynihan became kind of a pariah on the left because some of the language in the report is problematic to say the least. however, he pointed -- he thought the reason the rate of single motherhood was so high was because of racism, the legacy of slavery, the destruction of the black family and to take it out of context and to blame mothers because that's what they love to do, i mean, he belongs on fox. >> your life changes when you have a job. your life changes when that check is coming in every two weeks. income inequality has an awful lot to do with the social conditions of this country. but conservatives are afraid to admit that. zir lena, your response? >> i'm tired of shaming women and particularly black women who happen to have a child out of wedlock. conservatives don't want to give them reproductive health care rights. so you're having a child and a lot of them may or may not want an absorption and aren't able to have it if you live in texas.
2:38 pm
they don't want to put forth programs that help the women once the babies are here like affordable child care and health care. the idea we're just going to blame mothers after the fact is just lazy because racism is still here? is' old out of touch guy? >> he's completely out of touch. he needs black friends. >> the thing that's astounding is there are 74% of black women who know how to get pregnant all by themselves. no one's talking about that amazing thing. sort of like shutting that whole thing down. black women have the superpower where they can get pregnant without any help from a man. that's amazing to me. >> today marks women's equality dale celebrating women getting the right to vote in 1920. but these types of comments that are made, what does it is say about where we stand in the country today when it comes to equal rights, liz? >> i think it doesn't say very much. i think it is so tone deaf. i think it goes back to a lot of white men talking about women
2:39 pm
and never talking to women. the thing that i say often is, the stories of women are powerful. the stories of people are powerful. the first thing the right does is shut stories down because they're convincing. whether it's dreamers, 9/11 widows. it's frustrating to have them talking about us. >> right. >> and that goes for black people, as well and brown people. i think the problem is that like i said, george will, it's not that he just needs to meet maybe more black people but needs to meet black people not working for him perhaps or on his same socioeconomic class. >> our next topic plugs into this. bobby jindal back in november said the go should stop being the stupid party. they may not have gone the the memo. in an op-ed, the republican governor blamed racial inequality on minorities putting too much emphasis on their heritage, ethnic background and skin color. he wrote we must resist the politically correct trend of changing the melting pot into a salad bowl.
2:40 pm
joan? >> you know, bobby jindal talks about the stupid party. he's the one saying stupid things, unbearably stupid things. obviously, with all due respect, indian americans do face racism and prejudice. but to compare it to the african-american experience to canada irit to the legacy of being enslaved, it's just an unbelievably arrogant and dumb thing for him to say. >> as a woman of color, how do you feel about your playing the race card? that's basically what he's saying >> he didn't have to. >> i mean, the problem goes back race cardnairetive, it ignores the fact that race is not a card. i am a black woman. so i move throughout the world as a black woman. it's not something i choose to bring up. it is a topic that is always true. it's how i move throughout the world. i think maybe it's for him, it's fine to ignore race. but that's not a privilege that everyone enjoys. >> according to the justice department, the first year bobby jindal's own school voucher program reversed much of the
2:41 pm
progress made toward entgration. in 34 historically segregated schools. is he really the one who should be giving the advice to the republican party? >> well, i think that when you look at -- this is what happens when you sort of decide that race and skin are the same and it's kind of maddening where your entire being and the way you develop and your whole process of who you are comes from what you've experienced. to not teach whether it's please fight for what you have come from if you are somebody who has come from something hard and printed to like the kennedys who were very rich and were taught to always give back and make sure understand your privilege. it goes both ways. for him to just say forget about who you are, ignore what you are. >> joan, where is the republican party? are they being seriously damaged when it comes to race and minorities in this country?
2:42 pm
how can they recover like this? george will who i think is a referred voice in the conservative movement in this country is basically blaming minorities for the problems they have thinking it's a level playing field all across society. >> so is bobby jindal and so is raul labrador did the same thing yesterday, a puerto rican insisting racism is overblown. i think they're hurting themselves and they cannot see a future where they can reach out and grab enough voters of color and they are stuck. they really believe what they believe about racism. >> how is their nominee going to handle this? they're putting their nominee for 2016? an untenable position to come back and has to almost disagree with all of these things being said. >> trust me, he's not going to disagree. he can't because that's what they think. >> lizz winstead, zerlena, joan, thank you. a state senator from colorado has some diet tips.
2:43 pm
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2:48 pm
never had better barbecue and better chicken and ate better in my life than when you go down south and you -- i mean, i love it. and everybody loves it. >> oh, yeah. you heard it right. the comment was racist and insensitive. but on then subject, she is dazed and confused and so she doubled down. >> it's not racist. it's bringing out the facts so that you can be aware and take better care of yourself. >> so you weren't stereotyping? >> oh, no. i eat -- i mean, i do weddings, indicator weddings. and do bpq. that's my favorite. >> maybe we should be commending her that she didn't throw in the watermelon comment. you know? she's really on top of stuff. the people of colorado were looking for solutions. not stereotypes. if vicki marble this her explanation will keep egg off her face, she can keep on
2:49 pm
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punch in, punch out. welcome back to "the ed show." this is ostory or to the folks who take a shower after work. you know republicans, they just love to wrap themselveses in the flag. they have a habit of ignoring real problems when it comes to our veterans. i've been saying this for years. conservatives refuse to believe that veterans need the help when they return home. just watch this classic fight i had with o'reilly five years ago. >> we're still looking for all the veterans sleeping under the bridges, ed amount if you find anybody, let us know, because that's all said for the last -- >> don't kid yourself. >> they may be out there, but there is not many of them out. so if you know where one is, ed -- ed, ed, if you know where there is a veteran sleeping
2:53 pm
under a bridge, you call me immediately and we'll make sure that man does not do that. >> i will do 2456789. >> well, guys like bill o'reilly have never believed the hard facts. recent figures show ethat 62,619 veterans were homeless on a single -- one single night in january in 2012 while fox news and the republicans parade fake pride for men and women of the armed service ises. nearly 63,000 of them slept on the street in one sinal night? helping veterans save lives is good for america. no question about it. thankfully, one senator is getting it right. that's sherrod brown of ohio. he joins us tonight. senator, good to have you with us. >> before we start, i just want to say congratulations of being on this time slot with your new show and you're such a strong voice for working families. and i'm so glad you're back in the evening with msnbc. congratulations. >> i appreciate that, senator.
2:54 pm
thank you so much. i appreciate the opportunity, and i do it. they asked me. i appreciate it very much. i appreciate all the things you have done in the progressive movement. in the last election seibel you were attacked big-time by wall street. you stood tall for the peoplement you're willing to stand up and take a stand for the workers. and i have always admired that about you. >> thanks. >> and you're taking a stand right now, and this is a classic for homeless veterans. they do exist in this country. and the president, you know, has set a goal of ending veterans' homelessness by 2015. what can be done? what could you do? build facilities? >> a lot of thing. first you recognize a problem that veterans that come home today are often more physically and psychologically wounded than those that came home 30 years ago because their lives are saved on the battlefield. when a number of soldiers might have died 30 years ago with a similar injury, today they're saved. they also are more likely to
2:55 pm
have ptsd. we've recognized finally in congress something with agent orange called presumptive eligibility. my wife is a journalist, as you know, and has written extensively about what happened with agent orange and the damage it has done to even the next generation. so the veterans administration finally with president obama's recognizing a lot of these issues that weren't recognized before, but it's still a serious problem. chillicothe hospital in southern ohio is one of the leading veterans hospitals in the country in dealing with homeless vets. but it's providing psychological service. it's providing physical health care services and it's providing housing and all that. >> and they're not getting that now, senator? >> they're not getting that the way they should, partly because of funding, though the va funding has gone up. mostly government funding has been cut for most things relative to last year, for instance, with sequestration and all. but va funding is by and large increased to deal with the
2:56 pm
backlog, to deal with issues of community-based outpatient clinics. there are 25, 27 of those, something like that in ohio, in addition to the va, the major medical centers. we're doing better, but we're not doing well enough. and for people to say what o'reilly said to you, that find me one. >> it's denial. >> it's just denial. it's just outrageous. >> it's exactly what it is. it's total absolute denial. senator, good to have you with us tonight. we're short on time. i appreciate it so much. we'll talk more about this. >> good to be back. >> understanding the problem of the vets is a big, big part of this whole thing and getting republicans the fact to respect they need help is part of it. that's "ed show." "politicsnation" is next followed by "hardball" with chris matthews that will be at 7:00. a lot of you are used to watching chris here at 5:00. i've got this time slot now. chris is on at 7:00. he'll give you a great show at 7:00. check it out on msnbc. we'll see you back here tomorrow night right here at 5:00
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watch over all drilling activity twenty-four-seven. and we're sharing what we've learned, so we can all produce energy more safely. our commitment has never been stronger. all in with chris hayes starts right now. >> thanks to you for tuning in. i'm live tonight in washington, d.c. tonight's lead, driving back the gop's anti-voting drive. one of the most respected republicans is slamming his party for trying to restrict voting rights. and he is issuing this warning. >> these kinds of procedures that are being put in place to slow the process down and make it likely that fewer hispanics and african-americans might vote i think are going to backfire because these people are going to come out and do what they have to do in order to vote. and i encourage that. >>

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